KennelBooker is built for busy pet business operators like you.
With tons of useful features, and an intuitive interface.


Flexible daycare booking system, allows you to book appointments for multiple durations including; Full-day, Half-day, and Hourly bookings! and can also limit the number of dogs you take in per day.

Play-areas or Boarding Rooms

Our software allows you to assign pets to specific daycare play areas or you can optional place daycare pets into rooms usually used for boarding bookings!

Daycare Quick Check-in

If you allow walk-in bookings, we have a simple but powerful quick check-in feature that allows you to quickly search for pets and add several daycare bookings at once.

Digital Booking Waivers

With digital waivers, have your customers digitally sign your booking waivers online when making bookings, on premise, or via email with our customizable email templates.

Key Daycare Features

Quick Check-in
Quickly and easily add bookings into the system, this feature is especially handy for walk-in customers.

Email Automation
Create customized email templates and automate your communications to your customer! From booking acknowledgments, booking confirmations, email receipts, and marketing emails. You will no longer have to compose and send emails to each and every customer.

Online Bookings
Using our online system your customers can create their own accounts online, sign digital bookings waivers, and submit online booking requests.

With our optional SMS feature, you can send customers booking confirmations, checkout SMS's, reminders and marketing communications.

Multi-Day Bookings
Our multi-day feature lets your bookings multiple days of daycare bookings (3 months' worth) quickly and easily.

For each day you can choose a separate daycare duration if required, the system will show you remaining spaces for the day in question, once the booking is saved the customer will get a email confirmation detailing all of their bookings.

Recurring Bookings
Alternatively, If you have a customer who books in for daycare every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for example, our system will let you add a booking for each of these days for up to 3 years!

Likewise, for each day chosen the system will see if you are full on that day (you can overbook if required).

Daycare Packages
With our package feature you can pre-sell multiple days of daycare credits to a customer in bulk, for example 'Buy 10 days of daycare for $200'.

Once a package is purchased by a customer the credits are added to their account. When checking out a booking the system will see if there are any credits available to redeem against a booking.

Credit Balance
Have a customer querying or questioning their credit balance on their account? We have simple ledger style report available on the customers history page the show a log of credits added and deducted from their account.

Powerful Recurring Daycare Bookings.

Have customers who book in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week?

Save yourself hours of tedious data entry by adding all of their bookings in one go!

Our system will check your availability for each of the requested days automatically, so you don't become overbooked! (you can override availability limits if required)

Your customer will then receive an automatic booking confirmation email listing all of their future booking dates.

More awesome features

Vaccination Reminders

Get alerted in real-time when customers book in without valid or in-date vaccinations.

Tagging Bookings, Customers, and Pets

Assign custom tags to your customers and pets and have these tags display on bookings so you don't forget important information.

Automatic Booking Confirmation & Receipt Emails

For online bookings you can have the system automatically confirm bookings (as long as space permits). You can also block certain customers and dogs from booking online if required.

Make Customers Pay Online

For online bookings you can make your daycare customers pay up-front while booking their appointment, customers with a positive credit balance will not be asked to pay.

SMS Reminders

Optionally send your customers SMS messages 24 hours before their booking so that they don't forget their pets booking.

Evaluation Checks

Require evaluations for pets before they are allowed to book in for daycare.

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