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Grooming Software - What to look for!

What can software do for you and your business?

The number one thing software should do is simplify the running of your business! - At KennelBooker this is our number one aim, using software like ours to manage your business means that you have instantaneous access to your bookings and

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Increasing your Kennels Revenue and Occupancy Rates

The bulk of your kennel business will be built upon repeat customers, and unsurprisingly your busiest times will be around the traditional holiday periods (Summer Holidays, Thanksgiving, Independence, Labour and Memorial Days, along with Christmas holiday period). From analysing our extensive booking data most of our kennels average 85-100% occupancy

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Setting up a Cattery

Before setting up your cattery, it is a worthwhile exercise to visit a number of catteries to get a good idea of the variety of differing styles and designs, without the proper research into cattery design you will end up with a poorly designed cattery. It is also worthwhile to

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Starting a Boarding Kennel

Setting up a boarding kennel is not something that should not be done lightly, setting up a kennel often requires a high capital outlay and the job requires a lot of responsibility, remember it’s your responsibility to take complete care for someone else’s pets 24/7. While running

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